Would you go six months without cleaning your clothes ?



It's time to clean your carpets


“ At a minimum, you should have your carpets steam cleaned once a year.” " Heavily traveled areas may require quarterly cleanings "

The best thing you can do for your carpets is having them regularly steam cleaned. Vacuuming alone will not remove dust mites, outdoor pollutants, pesticides, allergens, sand, soil, food particles, bacteria, biocontaminants, asbestos, and volatile organic compounds, that make their way into your carpets.
It is the buildup of soil that promotes wear to your carpet, far more than the foot traffic that travels on the surface of the carpet. Foot traffic grinds the soil against the carpet fibers and causes asand paper effect. This causes the fibers to dull and become worn looking.
Major carpet manufacturers such as Dupont and Shaw Industries recommend that you have your carpets cleaned every 6-18 months, Heavily traveled areas may require quarterly cleaning, while other less frequented areas may not need cleaning more than every 18 months. Either way, it makes good sense to have your carpets cleaned regularly not only from an appearance and investment protection point of view, but also from a health standpoint. Regular deep cleaning removes bacteria, dust mites, germs, and the substances upon which these organisms live.  "Based on what I have learned from researchers working in the United States, Canada, and Western Europe, I have reached the conclusion that carpeting and fabrics that are not properly cleaned and maintained have the potential to cause a variety of health problems inside the building and home environment."     Dr. Michael Berry, Deputy Director of the Environmental Criteria and Assessment Office of the Environmental Protection Agency